Weddings at Sacred Hearts

Getting married is one of the most significant steps in anyone’s life. Two people make vows to each other to remain exclusively together for the rest of their lives, “for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health,” until death. Here at Sacred Hearts we want to help make your wedding day as perfect as possible. Please get in touch for more details about how we can help: from the actual wedding or choosing your readings to hiring our hall for your reception.

As Catholics we believe that marriage is at the heart of God’s plan of us. The Bible tells us how God created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, and gave them the gift of marriage, commanding them to ‘go forth and multiply’. Jesus himself blessed the couple at Cana on their wedding day with one of his first miracles. He also said that what God has joined together no one should divide. These Bible passages help us understand that Marriage is sacred and that God intends it to be a source of new life, with the gift of children.

The Catholic Church’s understanding of marriage is that it is a unique, indissoluble partnership between one man and one woman, in mutual and lasting fidelity and open to the possibility of bringing children into the world. All those getting married in a Catholic Church must have the same understanding of marriage as the Church, even if they are not Catholics themselves.

It is because the Church attaches such importance to marriage, both for the couple themselves and for society as a whole, that she is concerned that couples intending to marry are adequately prepared, and understand what it is to which they are committing. At Sacred Hearts, Cheltenham we offer through Marriage Care a one day course to help couples, planning to marry in a Catholic Church, prepare for fulfilled and happy relationships.


The sacrament of Matrimony creates a bond between a man and a woman which is a reflection of the bond that exists between Christ Himself and His Church, i.e. ourselves. (Ephesians 5: 21-33). It is therefore indissoluble, unbreakable. Matrimony is a sacrament for adults, so that a man may take his life in his hands, as it were, and hand himself over totally to the other, and she may do the same to him. For this they both need to be free; there should be no physical, mental or emotional impediment; both should be aware of the implications of marriage; and both should be able to take on the full responsibilities of marriage.

PLEASE REMEMBER… it is vital that you contact your parish priest at least 6 months before the proposed event – or earlier – to avoid conflicting diary appointments and that the necessary permissions and paperwork can be completed.