‘…the particular way in which the Spirit is given to each person is for a good purpose…’

1 Cor. 12:7

The Journey in Faith

The Journey in Faith is a series of sessions where we try and outline what the Catholic Church is, does and believes – for the benefit of anyone not a Catholic, who is interested. We will explore what we within the Church believe and do. We will explode a few {perhaps many!} common misconceptions. We will discuss through our faith, scripture and the relevance of the Church’s teachings to our lives. It is a course which tries to explore all aspects of the Catholic Faith.

Absolutely no commitment is requested or required – we are happy always to share our journey with you for however long or short a period you choose.


In the Gospels, Jesus travels to Jerusalem, teaching, preaching, healing, suffering pain and disappointment. Sometimes he struggled with temptation, sometimes with those around him; giving joy to those same companions and glory to God. Through the Cross, to a painful and humiliating death – and he arrives at a glorious and transforming resurrection.

We believe that Jesus’ journey is our journey – a journey from infancy, through glimpses of understanding. We work through pain and disappointment, through joy and struggle – a Journey of Faith that starts for each one of us in a unique place – in our hearts – but that has as its destination. A place reserved for all of us – to be one with the Father.

We try and keep that focus during our sessions, as we travel together along the path of the Church’s beliefs and purposes.

The Church

The Catholic Church is a community of people united in their understanding that to live is to love and the creator of all life – God: his love for us, and his gift of life for us perfectly expressed in those most perfect of symbols – the Cross and the empty tomb.

If you want to know more about the Catholic Church, if you are simply seeking answers; or if you are seeking more – perhaps a spiritual home or wholeness – then maybe the Journey in Faith course is for you.

  • You may simply want to know what we Catholics believe.
  • You may have been coming to Mass for years, but never gone up for Holy Communion.
  • You may not have been baptised into a Christian Church.
  • You may have been baptised into another Christian Church and would like to find out more about the Catholic Faith, then the Journey in Faith is for you.

If you recognise yourself in any one of these {or even if you don’t} now may be the time to think about the Journey in Faith.

The Journey in Faith will try and show you more about what we within the Catholic Church believe and do. We will try and answer any questions you might have about our faith, about our Church and about the Journey.

I can’t emphasise enough, that absolutely no commitment is requested or required – but should you decide that the Catholic Church seems like home then the Journey in Faith is for you. You can also become the ‘Rite’ by which you are received into the Church at Easter.