Mission Statement

”Parish Pastoral Council’s mission is to create a welcoming church gathered around the Eucharist. We are committed to life-long faith formation, justice and the loving service within our parish and the wider community.”

The Parish Pastoral Council is a collaborative structure which exists to ensure that we focus on our primary function as Christians: the continuation of the mission of Jesus Christ in our time and place. One question is at the heart of the work of every Pastoral Council: where and how is God calling us as a Catholic community?

To answer this question, the Pastoral council will:

  • ‘search out and respond to the hopes, ideas and needs of parishioners
  • grow in knowledge and awareness of what is already happening in the parish
  • encourage and support the good work of existing groups in the parish
  • evaluate carefully information gathered in order to contribute towards the making of decisions that reflect the values of the gospel and the teachings of the Church
  • set long term and short term pastoral goals for the parish
  • provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in their relationship with God and with each other
  • develop, implement and improve parish initiatives that assist parishioners in their continuing efforts to live as effective Christians in society.’
  • Within the context of our own Diocese of Clifton, the Pastoral Council will also work to develop awareness of the different communities within the deanery area
  • encourage and support the building of interdependent relationships between members of different local communities and ministry groups
  • explore how best to ‘steward’ the many gifts with which God has blessed the individual, the parish, the deanery and communities within the diocese
  • use our Diocesan Pastoral Plan, to develop a Plan to support the ongoing life and growth of this Parish

The Pastoral Council is ‘consultative’ to the parish priest. The use of the word ‘consultative’ reminds the Pastoral Council that it is the Parish Priest who has ultimate responsibility for decisions regarding the overall mission of the Parish. This consultative role of the Pastoral Council is situated within a context of relationship and shared vision:

‘All Christians are to build community, pray, collaborate with the pastor, lead by example, and be spiritual. But only pastoral councils investigate, ponder and propose. They do so, not in an impersonal process, but in a relationship. It is a relationship with a pastor who knows their readiness and wants their help, with fellow parishioners whose wisdom they seek, and ultimately with the God whom they glimpse in dialogue.’

‘Pastoral issues are those that impact on the lives of parishioners in the areas of

  • integration of their faith into everyday life – home, work, community
  • nourishment and support of their faith as they try to live as faithful disciples of Jesus
  • outward focus for the development of a vital Christian community, actively engaged in Jesus’ mission of service and influence in the wider world.’

In September 2018 an introductory meeting is planned for those who are interested in supporting the pastoral and spiritual development of the parish, in the hope that the PPC can be re-established.

The P.P.C. primary role will be to focus on the pastoral and spiritual development of the Parish. Its work will covers such things as evangelisation, liturgy, ministry of welcoming, catechesis, and parish prayer life.