Booking our hall or :

Please look at our online calendar for availability and then email your enquiry to us with as much detail as possible.
Email or telephone for a hall bookings – 07340 072677

(Please phone between the hours of 9am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm Monday to Friday)



If you require the Bar at your function please remember to complete the Supplementary Form for the Bar hire


I have the pleasure of using the Sacred Hearts Hall every Friday morning for my Zumba class.The hall is big so plenty of space for dancing and has a good amount of natural light.  The hall and facilities are clean and tidy. Parking is plentiful and the hall music system sounds fabulous playing Latino and world music.
Many of the participants who come to my Zumba class at the Sacred Hearts say that it is their favourite hall for all of the above reasons.
Becky ClarkeZumba With Mandy
Get Active classes have been using the main hall for a number of years. The hall is light, spacious and always warm and clean. My participants appreciate the good parking and easy access to the hall. Fran Nichols, Get Active
We here at JANET MARSHALL DANCE  have been using the Church Hall for many years.
Quite simply we would not have been doing so unless we thought it an excellent centre for us to use to teach dance in its many forms to young children. It is ideally located, has very good parking and is clean, warm and welcoming. When looking after young children we have to be aware of the high standards that need to bear on a situation. We believe that the standards that we expect from ourselves are equally met by the Sacred Hearts Hall  and we hope that the link we have will continue for years to come. Janet Marshall, Janet Marshall Dance tel: 01242 221296Charlton Kings Probus Club (formerly the Landsdown Club) has used the Hall’s excellent premises for the last twenty years. The Club meets on every Thursday at 0930. The Hall (s) are spacious and appropriate for all our activities and the kitchen is well equipped. The extensive car park is a plus, particularly for visiting speakers. Brian Ashworth, Chairman, Charlton Kings Probus Club. I have been using the Sacred Hearts Hall for several years now to teach Pilates.  It is a lovely large space with plenty of light, good clean facilities and a welcoming lobby space with comfortable chairs and tables. Heather Else, Pilates, BSc. Ost.Thank you and your colleagues at the Sacred Hearts hall. The bar staff and security were fantastic, and the venue itself is great.
The Ceilidh was a great success, and we raised just over £1,000 for Sue Ryder and Macmillan, which we are really pleased about. Sarah Smith


Please read this contract before signing the booking form to show you comply.



1.01 The Hiring fee and any deposit must be paid to the Parish Priest or Hall Manager (on behalf of the Diocese) at the time of booking. The deposit in this context is not a holding or booking fee but sum of money held against any loss or damage as described below.

1.02 Special arrangements may be made for payment for multiple bookings at the discretion of the Parish Priest.

1.03 The deposit may be used towards making good any damage or in connection with any other loss (including fees and expenses) resulting whether directly or indirectly from the Hiring

1.04 The payment of a deposit does not limit the liability of the Hirer and further monies may be sought from the Hirer if costs fees and expenses exceed the amount of the deposit.

1.05 The balance of any deposit (if any) will be returned to the Hirer


2.01 The Hirer shall in any use of the Hired Space:

2.01.01 be responsible for the Hired Space and the behaviour of all persons connected with the Hiring and their car parking arrangements so as to avoid any obstruction to the Diocese or other users of the Hired Space or the Church or those in the vicinity of the Church

2.01.02 be responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all persons entering/using the Hired Space and or entering the Church and its grounds in connection with the Permitted Use (whether formally invited or not) during the Period of Hire and for a reasonable period before and after the Period of Hire

2.01.03 Be aware of and be in compliance with the Diocesan health and safety policy and particularly the fire action notice, fire guidance note and food hygiene requirements as well as any other assessments or guidance relating to the use of the Hired Space

2.01.04 instruct any person attending for the Permitted Use (whether formally invited or not) in the means of escape (fire escapes) and fire action notice in respect of the Hired Space, Church and its grounds

2.01.05 be aware of and in compliance with the Diocesan safeguarding policy.

2.01.06 provide copies of all risk assessments and method statements in connection with the Permitted Use

2.01.07 provide a copy of the Hirer’s safeguarding policy and comply with that policy except where in conflict with the Diocesan safeguarding policy where the Diocesan safeguarding policy will take precedence. Where the Hirer has no policy, the Hirer will comply with the requirements of the Diocese in this respect

2.01.08 prevent the Hired Space being used in such a way which is unlawful or which does or may cause a nuisance annoyance or disturbance to others in the vicinity of the Hired Space or the Church

2.01.09 prevent damage to any part of the Hired Space and which includes but is not limited to any decorations, furniture, fixtures and fittings or building fabric and be liable for any damage to the Hired Space or the Church connected with the Hiring.

2.01.10 in the event of any damage to the Hired Space or the Church or its grounds connected with the Hiring to pay to the Parish Priest on demand the costs of any repair and any loss of income resulting from the Hired Space or the Church not being used which is attributable to the damage

2.01.11 not to move or alter or add to any furniture or equipment without the written approval of the Parish Priest

2.01.12 notwithstanding 2.01.11 above, not to alter, or move any electrical or heating equipment.

2.01.13 not to bring any item of electrical equipment onto the Hired Space without ensuring that: it (or they, cumulatively) will not overload the electrical supply and circuitry, has (or have) been very recently portable appliance tested and that the written permission of the Parish Priest has been obtained

2.01.14 not use any electrical gas or oil powered appliance at the Hired Space without the written approval of the Parish Priest

2.01.15 not to bring into the Hired Space any gas or oil powered appliance including storage cylinders or tanks

2.01.16 prevent the consumption of alcohol gambling or gaming broadcasting filming or public performance on the Hired Space unless the prior written approval of the Parish Priest has been obtained and all statutory requirements are met in full

2.01.17 obtain and comply with any necessary consents, licences or permissions for the use of the Hired Space including (but not limited to) premises licence and Performing Rights Society licence and produce copies of any such consents licences or permissions to the Diocese or the Parish Priest on demand

2.01.18 comply with any other statutory and or common law provisions or requirements or other requirements of any competent authority

2.01.19 prevent smoking on any part of the Hired Space and building

2.01.20 leave the Hired Space and building in a clean and tidy condition and securely locked with all furniture or equipment returned to their original positions (unless otherwise agreed by the Parish Priest)

2.01.21 observe any security requirements for the use of the Hired Space as the Parish Priest may specify

2.01.22 indemnify the Parish Priest and the Diocese from and against all actions proceedings costs claims and demands or other liability which may arise in any way whatsoever in connection with the Hiring including (without limitation) any breach of the terms of this agreement.

2.01.23 not to impede the Diocese or anyone authorised by them in the exercise of the Diocese’s rights of possession and control of the Hired Space and the Church

2.01.24 to observe regulations and/or requirements made by the Parish Priest and/or the Diocese or its representatives from time to time

2.01.25 not to affix or display any signs flags or advertisements at the Church (including the Hired Space) without the Parish Priest’s consent 4

2.01.26 to be responsible for the efficient supervision, safety and good order of all those making use of the Hired Space pursuant to this agreement


3.01 If the Hirer wishes to cancel the Hiring in whole or in part the Hirer must give to the Parish Priest notice to that effect

3.02 If such notice is given not later than one month prior to the Period of the Hiring and if the Diocese is able to effect an alternative hiring then the Diocese will refund to the Hirer the Fee less a 10% administration charge but otherwise the Diocese will be entitled to retain the whole of the Fee


4.01 The Diocese or the Parish Priest on behalf of the Diocese may cancel the Hiring if the Hired Space is required for any purpose in connection with a Parliamentary or local government election or if the Hired Space is rendered unusable or (where the Hiring is a repeat hiring) the Hired Space is required for a Diocesan/Parish function on one of the repeat occasions

4.02 If the Hiring is cancelled for any such reason as is mentioned in Condition 4.01 the Diocese will give to the Hirer the maximum practicable notice and refund the Fee (or the relevant proportion) but will not otherwise be liable to the Hirer


If the Hirer fails to observe and perform any of these conditions the Diocese may:

5.01 charge to and recover from the Hirer any expenses incurred by the Diocese in remedying any such failure including the cost of employing attendants workmen cleaners or other persons as may be appropriate and

5.02 cancel this or any other hiring of the Hired Space by the Hirer without incurring any liability to the Hirer for the return of any fee or otherwise


6.01 The Diocese gives no warranty that the Hired Space is legally or physically fit or suitable for the Hirer’s purposes and the Hirer must satisfy him/herself as to its suitability

6.02 The Diocese and all persons authorised by it (including the Parish Priest) has the right to enter use and occupy the Hired Space at all times

6.03 The Hiring is by way of a licence and form or does not grant any interest or estate in the Hired Space and does not create the relationship of landlord and tenant

6.04 The Hirer shall pay any VAT chargeable in respect of any supply made to the Hirer

6.05 Neither the Diocese nor the Parish Priest shall be liable for the death of or injury to or damage to any property of or for any losses claims demands actions proceedings damages costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the Hirer or any person enjoying or purporting to enjoy the benefit of this agreement (to the extent that exclusion of such liability is permitted by law)

6.06 The Special Conditions attached shall apply to this agreement

  1. All events to finish and music to stop by 11.30pm. (We accept that hirers may have to spend a while after 11.30pm tidying up). Hirers must not cause any disturbance to neighbours particularly after 10pm. There is a sound limiter installed on the premises and music must be powered by the electrical sockets in the hall or on the stage. If the sound goes above a pre-set level, then the power will disconnect.
  2. The full hire fee must be paid before the event. Keys will not be released if full payment has not been made and we do not send out reminders. In the event of cancellation by the hirer, the deposit is not refundable unless 4 weeks’ notice is given.
  3. Keys to the hall can usually be collected from and returned to the Parish Office, open weekdays 9am-1pm. Keys to internal doors can be found inside the hall and used with permission – please ask for details. No keys will be released without receipt of the final payment and any damage deposit required. Lost keys must be paid for.
  4. A security guard is required for large evening events. This is provided free of charge when the bar is hired otherwise the hirer is responsible for the cost of a security guard provided by us. A damage deposit of £100 is required for large evening events which will be returned after the event provided the premises are left clean tidy and undamaged.
  5. Alcohol must be sold through the bar which is not available without the hire of the lounge. No alcohol may be brought on to the premises without prior agreement with the Parish Priest/Hall Manager
  6. Times of hire must be strictly adhered to – failure to keep to hire times may mean another event overlaps with yours. Where multiple events are taking place on the hall premises, cooperation and respect for the other users are required at all times.
  7. The car park CAN NOT be hired or used on Saturdays between 5pm and 7pm and on Sundays before 12:30pm. Outside these hours parking is available within the marked parking bays ONLY
  8. The kitchen and its equipment are available for the use of the hirer. If more than one event is taking place, these facilities must be shared. Catering equipment brought to the hall must be appropriately tested. The hirer/caterer must comply with the Food Safety Act 1990.
  9. The hirer accepts responsibility for all claims for theft, loss, breakage and damage to property arising from its use, including the misuse of any fire extinguisher. Hirers are responsible for public liability insurance for their event or will be personally liable for any damage costs in full.
  10. Hirers are responsible for cleaning and tidying up after their event. For large events a compulsory cleaning service is provided at current rates to clean and stack tables/chairs, sweep the floors and clean the toilets. The waste bins in the kitchen area may be used and then emptied into the outside bins. If the premises are not left clean and tidy, we reserve the right to refuse future bookings and retain the damage deposit.
  11. Outside of the hire times, hirers must not store belongings in any of the rooms at the hall or on the stage without the agreement of the Parish Priest. Tables, chairs and other furniture must be replaced, as found, after the hire. The exception is when the cleaner has been paid to stack the tables/chairs.
  12. During the hire, the hirer is the responsible person within the meaning of the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 and hirers must make themselves aware of the fire safety arrangements and the fire actions applicable to the hall. See notice in foyer. No flammable materials or sources of naked flame are permitted in the building. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the premises.
  13. Emergency exits must be kept clear at all times. If music is playing, then doors and windows must be kept closed. A cooling system is available for use – the switch is on the back wall of the hall marked ‘cooling system’. Please switch off after use.
  14. The hirer must ensure that any electrical equipment brought into the building is in a safe and good order with a current PAT Test. The building installations must not be interfered with or added to in any way.
  15. Hirers must familiarise themselves with the location of the first aid kit and defibrillator and take precautions for the safety of all persons entering and using the hall during the hire. Details of any accidents must be filled in the accident book, which is kept in the food prep room (adjacent to kitchen) along with first aid kit and defibrillator. All accidents resulting in a call to the emergency services MUST also be reported immediately to the Hall Manager. Contact details are displayed on the foyer noticeboard.
  16. Hirers must have a charged mobile phone with them for the duration of the hire period so that the emergency services can be contacted.
  17. Other than communal areas hirers must only use facilities that they have specifically booked.
  18. Notices and decorations may be attached to any glass surface with ‘white-tac’. Staples, drawing pins and sellotape must NOT be used. Damage resulting from any misuse must be paid for.
  19. Chairs should be moved using the chair lifters in the hall and lounge and must not be stacked more than 5 high.
  20. The hall capacity is 200 and this number MUST not be exceeded under any circumstances.
  21. Access to the premises will not normally be permitted before the time booked on the application for hire. Please advise any catering/entertainment companies of this. Setting up and clearing up time needs to be allowed for in the booking times.
  22. Kitchen equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and replaced in the cupboards provided. All breakages and damages must be reported to the Hall Manager as soon as possible.
  23. No foods to be brought to the hall that may cause an offensive smell.
  24. No notices or leaflets may be displayed on the noticeboard without the prior consent of the Hall Manager.
  25. Upon vacating the premises hirers are responsible for ensuring that all windows to rooms hired are closed and the doors locked and internal keys returned after use.
  26. No animals are permitted in to any parts of the building except for registered guide dogs.
  27. The hall accepts no responsibility for any stored equipment or other property brought on to or left at the premises and all liability for loss or damage is hereby excluded.
  28. Any organisation hiring the premises where children are involved confirm by signing the application for hire that they have their own ‘Safe to Grow’ or ‘Child Protection Policy’ or similar document safeguarding children that conforms to UK Government guidelines and may be asked to provide a copy prior to hire commencing.
  29. The Parish Priest reserves the right to refuse any application for hire.