To ensure safe usage of the hall facilities there will be limited access with regards the number of people and groups permitted into the building at any one time 

PLEASE NOTE: The Diocese no longer permit or allow hirers to use or bring onto the Hire Space [or land owned by the diocese] any bouncy castle or similar equipment. Their use is not permitted by the hall hire risk assessment.

ALL external hirer will be required to have completed a Hire Agreement and provide insurance documentation, that covers their public liability and provide a risk assessment of their activity [including the use of the kitchen]

Cleaning procedures and protocols remain in place and compliance is a condition of hire.



Welcome to Sacred Hearts Parish Hall.

We have a wonderful parish hall for hire at reasonable rates all year round.

Many clubs and activities take place on the premises – take a look at the calendar for further information about these groups. We offer a large attractive hall with a proper stage and changing rooms, a bar/lounge, kitchen facilities and a committee room.

The hall building can be hired on Saturday between 9am and 4pm and from 7pm until 11pm and usually on a Sunday evening after 5pm .  There is also some availability during the week, both in the day and in the evening, especially during the school holidays when some of our regular users take a break.

Unfortunately, parking is limited on the site and parish events takes precedence.

The car park is not available during service times and definitely not on Saturdays between 5pm and 7pm and on Sundays between 8am and 12 noon and between 4pm and 6pm

Anybody using the kitchen for preparing food must provide the hall manager with a food hygiene and handling certificate.

Come and have a look at our facilities – our church community gathers for refreshments after the 8.15 am and 10.30 am Masses on a Sunday. We would be happy to show you round and answer any questions you may have.


Hall Manager & Booking Secretary:  Mrs Gill Cogram

Please look at our online calendar for availability and then email your enquiry to us with as much detail as possible.
Email or telephone the parish office for a hall bookings – 01242 524932

(Please phone during office hours which are Mondays Thursdays and Friday 9.30am – 12.30pm)

We aim to reply to all enquiries during operational office hours (ONLY).
If you have not received a reply within 7 days, please contact the parish office on 01242 524932 or email the Parish Office.  Thank you.

Hall postal address –
Sacred Hearts Parish Hall
The Presbytery, Moorend Road
Charlton Kings
GL53 9AU



Please read this contract before signing the booking form to show you comply.


Where the Diocese has signed to confirm agreement to the use by the Hirer of the Hired Space for the Permitted Use in return for a Hiring Fee and Deposit (if applicable) then the use shall be subject to the following conditions which are incorporated into the Hire Agreement
1.01 The Hiring Fee and any Deposit must be paid to the Parish Priest (on behalf of the Diocese) at the time of booking, such sums to be paid by BACS transfer (to the bank account notified by the Parish Priest or his nominated person) or by cheque. The deposit in this context is not a holding or booking fee but a sum of money held against any loss or damage as described below.
1.02 The Deposit may be used towards any necessary cleaning or the making good of any damage or any other loss (including fees and expenses) to the Diocese resulting directly or indirectly from this Hire Agreement.
1.03 The payment of a Deposit does not limit the liability of the Hirer and further monies which may be sought from the Hirer if costs, fees, and expenses exceed the amount of the Deposit.
1.04 The balance of any Deposit (if any) after it has been applied in accordance with this Hire Agreement will be returned to the Hirer.
2.01 The Hirer shall in any use of the Hired Space:
2.01.01 only use the Hired Space for the Permitted Use during the Period of Hire and prevent the Hired Space being used in such a way which is unlawful; or which does or may cause a nuisance annoyance or disturbance to others in the vicinity of the Hired Space or the Parish Site; or in a way which may be contrary to the tenets or teachings of (or harmful to) the Roman Catholic Church
2.02.02 be responsible for the Hired Space and the behaviour of all persons connected with the use of the Hired Space/Parish Site arising from this Hire Agreement
2.03.03 ensure any car parking arrangements are exercised to avoid any obstruction to the Diocese or other users of the Hired Space or the Parish Site or those in the vicinity of the Parish Site
2.04.04 prevent damage to any part of the Hired Space (which includes, but is not limited to, any decorations, furniture, fixtures, and fittings or building (fabric) and be liable for any damage to the Hired Space or the Parish Site connected with the Hiring
2.01.05 in the event of any damage to the Hired Space or the Parish Site or its grounds connected with the Hiring to pay to the Parish Priest on demand the costs of any repair and any loss of income resulting from the Hired Space or the Parish Site which is attributable to the damage
2.01.06 not to move or alter or add to any furniture or equipment without the written approval of the Parish Priest
2.01.07 notwithstanding 2.01.06 above, not to alter, or move any electrical or heating equipment
2.01.08 not to bring any item of electrical equipment onto the Hired Space without ensuring that: it (or they, cumulatively) will not overload the electrical supply and circuitry, has (or have) been very recently portable appliance tested and that the written permission of the Parish Priest has been obtained
2.01.09 not use or bring onto the Hired Space any electrical gas or oil powered appliance at the Hired Space without the written approval of the Parish Priest
2.01.10 not to use or bring onto the Hire Space any bouncy castle or similar equipment, this is not covered by our insurance and is against the hall hire risk assessment.
2.01.11 prevent the consumption of alcohol, gambling, gaming, broadcasting, filming or public performance on the Hired Space without the prior written approval of the Parish Priest and subject to compliance with all statutory requirements
2.01.12 obtain and comply with any necessary consents, licences, or permissions for the use of the Hired Space including (but not limited to) premises licence and Performing Rights Society licence and produce copies of any such consents licences or permissions to the Diocese or the Parish Priest on demand
2.01.13 comply with any other statutory and or common law provisions or requirements or other requirements of any competent authority
2.01.14 prevent smoking on any part of the Hired Space and building
2.01.15 leave the Hired Space and building in a clean and tidy condition and securely locked with all furniture or equipment returned to their original positions (unless otherwise agreed by the Parish Priest)
2.01.16 observe any security requirements for the use of the Hired Space as the Parish Priest may specify and any other regulations and/or requirements made by the Parish Priest and/or the Diocese or its representatives from time to time
2.01.17 indemnify and keep indemnified the Parish Priest and the Diocese from and against all actions proceedings costs claims and demands or other liability which may arise in any way whatsoever in connection with the Hiring including (without limitation) any breach of the terms of this Agreement.
2.01.18 not to impede the Diocese or anyone authorised by them in the exercise of the Diocese’s rights of possession and control of the Hired Space and the Parish Site 2.01.19 not affix or display any signs flags or advertisements at the Parish Site (including the Hired Space) without the Parish Priest’s consent
2.02 Hirer’s Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Welfare Obligations:
The Hirer shall:
2.02.01 be responsible for the supervision, health, safety, safeguarding and welfare of all persons entering/using the Hired Space and or entering the Parish Site and its grounds in connection with the Permitted Use (whether formally invited or not) during the Period of Hire and for a reasonable period before and after the Period of Hire
2.02.02 be aware of and follow the Diocese health and safety policy (copies are available in every parish – all sections will have relevance to your use of the Hired Space but please pay particular attention to the fire guidance notes and food hygiene requirements)
2.02.03 Where the Hirer has no policy, the Hirer will comply with the requirements of the CSAS policy (all policies and procedures should be seen by the local safeguarding representative who may also consult with the Diocese safeguarding coordinator. The CSAS policy can be found at:
2.02.04 instruct any person attending for the Permitted Use (whether formally invited or not) in the means of escape (fire escapes) and bring attention to the fire action notice in respect of the Hired Space, Parish Site, and its grounds
3.01 If the Hirer wishes to cancel the requested hire under this Agreement in whole or in part the Hirer must give to the Parish Priest notice to that effect
3.02 If such notice is given not later than one month prior to the start of the Period of the Hire and if the Diocese is able to affect an alternative hiring then the Diocese will refund to the Hirer the Hiring Fee less a 10% administration charge but otherwise the Diocese will be entitled to retain the whole of the Hiring Fee
4.01 The Diocese or the Parish Priest on behalf of the Diocese may cancel this Agreement if the Hired Space is required for any purpose in connection with a Parliamentary or local government election or if the Hired Space is rendered unusable or (where the Agreement is for a repeat hiring) the Hired Space is required for a Diocesan/Parish function on one of the repeat occasions
4.02 If the Agreement is cancelled for any such reason as mentioned in Condition 4.01 the Diocese will give the Hirer the maximum practicable notice and refund the Fee (or the relevant proportion) but will not otherwise be liable to the Hirer 

If the Hirer fails to observe and perform any of the terms and conditions of this Hire Agreement the Diocese may:
5.01 charge to and recover from the Hirer any expenses incurred by the Diocese in remedying any such failure including the cost of employing attendants, workmen, cleaners, or other persons as may be appropriate and
5.02 cancel this or any other Agreement to hire the Hired Space enjoyed by the Hirer without incurring any liability to the Hirer for the return of any fee or otherwise
6.01 The Diocese gives no warranty that the Hired Space is legally or physically fit or suitable for the Hirer’s purposes and the Hirer must satisfy him/herself as to its suitability
6.02 The Diocese and all persons authorised by it (including the Parish Priest) has the right to enter use and occupy the Hired Space at all times
6.03 The Hiring is by way of a personal permissive licence and does not grant any interest or estate in the Hired Space and does not create the relationship of landlord and tenant and shall not be capable of assignment sub-licence or sharing by the Hirer
6.04 The Hirer shall pay any VAT chargeable in respect of any supply made to the Hirer
6.05 Neither the Diocese nor the Parish Priest shall be liable for the death of or injury to or damage to any property of or for any losses claims demands actions proceedings damages costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the Hirer or any person enjoying or purporting to enjoy the benefit of this agreement (to the extent that exclusion of such liability is permitted by law)
6.06 The Special Conditions set out above shall apply to this agreement
6.07 No third parties (save the legal entities through which the Diocesan charitable objects act) can benefit from this Agreement and the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are excluded accordingly.

Booking our hall, lounge or meeting room:

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are for a minimum of a two hour period.

Please look at our online calendar for availability and then email your enquiry to us with as much detail as possible.
Email or telephone for a hall bookings – 01242 524932 [Office hours are 9.30 am until 1.00 pm Monday, Thursday and Friday]. Outside of these times you will be required to leave a message on the answerphone]

ALL bookings are subject to the approval of the parish priest and users must only park within the allocated marked parking bays



Sacred Hearts hall is an asset of the parish and used for many activities and functions, such as the summer fete, blood donor drives, dances, weddings, coffee mornings, keep-fit classes, children’s dance classes, the U3A bridge club, Probus meetings and many other social and business events.

The administration and maintenance of the hall facilities are overseen through the parish office and falls under the control of the parish priest.

  • The Hall is available for hire by parishioners and the public

  • Sacred Hearts Hall and its adjacent Lounge are an important part of the parish and as a parish we are tasked to ensure at all times that the Hall is financially viable and in a fit state for use.

  • Volunteers from the parish community support each other in their quest to keep the Hall a viable and available asset for the parish, all its parishioners and the wider community.

The bar is an integral part of the hall complex and can be hired by parishioners and non-parishioners separately or in conjunction with any event. All the staff are volunteers with many years experience behind the bar.

We offer a wide range of drinks, both soft and alcoholic and cater for any specific requirements that the hirer may want. We provide cask ales, spirits and various wines. We can offer a package for those extra special occasions such as marriages, anniversaries and birthdays.

The Lounge, which seats up to 60, can be hired separately from the hall and bar and is frequently used for meetings and receptions.

The hall, bar and lounge are booked via the Hall Manager

The Hall has a seating capacity (theatre style) of 200 and is used for  theatre and music shows, dance and sports classes, family parties and weddings and meetings and conferences.  There are 30 tables and approx. 200 chairs available.  Doors to the lounge/bar can be opened up to connect the two areas.  There is a wireless sound system available for both rooms.

The Committee Room is a small room off the hall which can also be accessed independently from the car park.  The large conference table will seat up to 16 people.  For smaller groups this an ideal meeting or teaching space.  Language study groups are regular users.

The kitchen with food preparation room attached, is off the hall and foyer and can be accessed directly from the car park in order to carry in supplies.  The kitchen is free to all hirers and has an oven, hob, microwave, kettle, hot water boiler, 2 sinks, a small dish washer and considerable preparation surfaces.  A large selection of crockery and cutlery is also available for users at no charge.

The Lounge can seat 50- 60 with 12 small bar type tables which seat 4 and is often used for dining, meetings and receptions. Within the lounge is the Bar, which can be hired in conjunction with the Hall and/or Lounge.

The Stage is used for performances by community groups throughout the year with tack lighting and other supporting equipment. It also serves as an excellent venue for presentations and dance recitals.  There are changing rooms at the back of the stage, which generally serve the squash courts, but performers can change and prepare in this area and use the facilities. There is also an integral presentation screen and projector to use with the built in sound system.

If you require the Bar at your function please remember to complete the Supplementary Form for the Bar hire

The Parish Hall has regular weekly, monthly and yearly activities for parishioners and the wider community organised by a variety of groups. Some of these are listed below.

If you are interested in hiring the hall on a regular or one-off basis, please contact the Hall Booking Secretary, who can arrange the booking. Email is preferred – thank you.
NB – Term time activities follow the Gloucestershire schools term times as far as possible.

Spring Term 2022

4th January to 18th February

28th February to 8th April

Summer Term 2022 

25th April to 27th May

6th June to 22nd July

Autumn Term 2022

5th September 2022 to 21st October

31st October to 16th December

Unless special arrangements have been made all term time activities should operate within these dates.

Charlton Kings Film Society

CKFS is a not-for-profit community cinema, under the auspices of the Sacred Hearts parish, which shows recent releases, classic and foreign films on Friday evenings from September to June. Tickets are £5 (£4 concessions). Yearly memberships are available at £50, but are not required to attend.

For more information, please see our website


National Blood Service

NHS Blood and Transplant
Regional Planning Department
Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham, GB15 2SG
0121 278 4224
NHS BT Accounts Reference 8504







Get Active

Contact: Fran Nichols
Get Active classes include body conditioning, fitness pilates, mellow moves for 50 plus.
Free style yoga. No contracts, just pay as you go!

1 Greenhills Road, Cheltenham, GL53 9ED
Telephone: 01242 523363                   Website:


Sequence Dancing

Contact: Rachel Wait
9 Purley Road, Cirencester, GL7 1EP
Telephone: 01285 652142

CK Probus Club

Contact:  Derek Palmer (Treasurer)

Telephone:   email 


Contacting the hall bookings secretary

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