The Hospitality group provides tea and coffee in the Hall after each weekend Mass.

We work in pairs, and there is a rota listing duties. Initially you will partner someone experienced in the Hospitality role, so that you become familiar with what to do.

We set up the Hall before Mass starts, about 20 minutes before the service. We leave Mass after communion, so that we are ready to serve tea and coffee, and squash, as people arrive. The tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are provided by the parish.

We ensure new parishioners and visitors are made welcome.

At the end we clear away, leaving the kitchen tidy, and we clean and put away the tables and chairs.

If you are unable to undertake your duty, please arrange a replacement from the contact list provided.


5.30 pm Mass: Jane Kane, 01242 583019

8.15 am Mass: Christine and Julian Magee, 01242 222353

10.30 am Mass: Christine Harker,  01242572 163

3rd Sunday Justice and Peace coffee morning with displays: Tricia Morgan