One God, One Family, One Community

Our aim is to be a Community of Worship, Love and Service… To be signs and bearers of God’s love for all people

The strength of the Sacred Hearts’ spiritual and community life derives largely from volunteers in the parish. In our hearts and in our actions, we remember that Christ came not to be served but to serve. Whether for the church, hall, squash club, or bar and lounge, volunteers put the Lord’s teaching into practice with energy and commitment, as well good humour, to help make Sacred Hearts a giving and welcoming parish.

There are over forty parish groups providing religious, social and ecumenical activities, offering plenty of ways to participate and contribute. Whether a local ministry, outreach programme, youth group, church cleaning, the parish fete, hall committee or other activity, there’s a lot to choose from.

There are many different ways in which you can help out and make this “our” parish. Any talent, or willingness that you can offer can be used – the existing volunteers will be delighted to welcome you so that more can be done and or they could take a break. Take a look at some of the groups, activities and ministries listed here and elsewhere on the website – and don’t be shy!

If you are interested in participating in parish life and would like to learn more, review the many parish groups and see the wonderful ways you can contribute.

Contact:  Linda Portwain in the Parish Office, 01242 524932.