Jesus says to Peter "feed my sheeps"

In Sunday’s Gospel, three times Peter is allowed the opportunity to affirm his love for the Lord. Three times he is asked, three times he affirms.

Three times he is commanded.

In his homily, Father Mark reminded us that to proclaim our love for the Lord is, largely, done in action over than word.

Feed my sheep.

Similarly, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, regularly beckons Catholic brothers and sisters to go to the margins – the margins of the world, but also, perhaps most importantly, the margins of our own communities.

Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees regularly offers opportunities to actively proclaim the love of the Lord when the margins come to us. Their work for refugees and asylum seekers from multiple nations gives opportunities to embrace our fellow humans, all made in the image and likeness of the Christ. In every action, they live the Corporal Works of Mercy – clothing, sheltering, visiting, feeding. They work tirelessly to recognize, and to ask the community to actively affirm, the dignity of every person.

All of this is what we, as Catholic Christians, are commanded to do.

Within the mission of Justice and Peace, our Sacred Hearts community is regularly offered opportunities to answer Christ’s question, “Do you love me?”

May our actions continuously shout a resounding, “Yes!


Please follow us as we regularly share the mission and work of Cheltenham Welcome Refugees. We will regularly share opportunities and ways to offer time and talent to CWR and sharing of treasure can always be made directly through their donation link. 

IMAGE ATTRIBUTION – Giovan Battista Gaulli – Galleria nazionale di Cosenza, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons