Welcome to the parish of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is a thriving parish community in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. We look forward to meeting and celebrating the word of the Lord with you at Mass or at one of our many parish events.

Here at Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Charlton Kings we strive to be a family-friendly community, where sincere affection, patience, tolerance and mutual respect be freely given to all.

Parish Office

The parish office is usually open between 9.30am until 12.30pm on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays ONLY

Times may vary

  You can watch Mass live from Clifton Cathedral every day via the live-stream by following the link to their homepage:  https://cliftoncathedral.org


Baskets for your donations to the PARISH and for the RETIRING/SECOND COLLECTION are found as you enter and leave the church or your can make your donation ONLINE through the DONA portal or by STANDING ORDER. 

Parish Giving – Donate Online

You can make a donation online by clicking on the DONATE button below, and select the fund that you wish to contribute. If you would like to Gift Aid your donation, you only need register your card once and all future donations will have gift aid applied.



It will accept all Debit and Credit cards.

Contributions supporting the work of the Parish are always kindly received.

Thank you for your on-going support


1. click HERE and download a standing order form and post it back to the parish signed and completed or

2. Envelopes can be put through the presbytery door

Next Pastoral Ministry Formation course: Autumn 2024

The diocese is actively seeking to recruit for the next Pastoral Ministry Formation course which begins in the Autumn 2024.

The course is ideal for ANY parishioner who seeks to develop their capacity to serve the parish in anyway which they believe the Lord is calling them. If you are interested or intrigued to find out more, you can join us for an online information session taking place on

29 July at 7pm (Microsoft Teams). The information session will outline the purpose of the courses and provide the opportunity for asking questions and gaining sufficient information about how to apply.

They can sign up via the Eventbrite link here:

Jubilee Year 2025

Pope Francis has decreed that 2025 will be a Jubilee, with the theme “Pilgrims of Hope.” But what, exactly, is a jubilee, and why does the Church periodically celebrate them? What about the “2024 Year of Prayer,” or all those documents from the Second Vatican Council?

Join us for Pilgrims of Hope: The 2025 Jubilee in Clifton 1 February (7:30-8:45 pm). It will introduce the jubilee year, providing context for the current three-year programme (2023 – Year of the Council, 2024 – Year of Prayer, 2025 Jubilee – Pilgrims of Hope), as well as background for jubilees – how they originated, their role in Scripture, and how jubilees have been used in the Church.

You can register at https://cliftondiocese.com/jubilee/

It will conclude by exploring the theme that Pope Francis chose, Pilgrims of Hope, and how Clifton Diocese can journey together over the next few years towards this great celebration.

Parish life

For more information please click on the relevant section

Parish Hall

A large hall with a stage, lounge/bar, committee room and kitchen

Readings for Today

Find the reading and prayers for the day for reflection

Our Film Society

Charlton Kings Film Society invite you to this season’s selection of films.


Being loved and being kept safe go to the very core of the Church’s Ministry

Squash and Racket Ball Club

the valuable benefits of membership, which is open to the public.

Clifton Youth Ministry

Opportunities to further Your involvement in the Catholic Church

Sacred Hearts parish is always welcoming new people and encouraging them to get involved in one of the many ministries within the parish – as a community we are called to accept the invitation to come to faith in Jesus, to love and serve one another

Please download the parish census form, complete it and return it to the parish office.

New to the parish (Form)

Information provided on this form, together with all other personal data held by the Parish and the Clifton Diocese, is processed in accordance with the Diocese’s Privacy Notice; which is available at https://cliftondiocese.com/privacy-notice

or from the Parish Office.

Maintaining things as they are does not transform and change people’s lives – getting involved in parish life will help to do that!

Going into hospital

It is important that on admission to hospital, a patient (or his/her carers) inform the admission staff that they are Catholic. The hospital will not ask for this information, it is up to the patient to make it known and to make sure that a note is made.

If you know you are going into hospital, please ensure that you are anointed before you go in, as visits to hospitals have been severely restricted.

ALL emergency requests must go through the Chaplaincy office or the switchboard at the hospital ring 03004 222 222 and please remember to ask for the on-call Catholic Chaplain.

PLEASE NOTE: Visits relating to the distribution of Holy Communion at the weekend, are still not possible within the hospital.

If you need a priest, other than for the hospital, and you can’t contact the parish priest at Sacred Hearts please contact the Cheltenham Dean at St Gregory the Great, 10 St James Square, Cheltenham, GL50 3PR, on 01242 523737

Redemptorist Publications is pleased to introduce Celebrate: an initiative designed to help children grow in their faith.

Each week they will provide a Children’s Liturgy in the form of a video of the week’s Gospel reading, a reflection and a final prayer.

Fun, engaging and practical worksheets/resources will also be provided to help children continue to practise their faith during this difficult time. Please click on their image to go to their webpage. Thank you 

CLICK on image above to go to the diocesan webpage



As Nazareth House chapel is now open again for visitors who wish to attend Mass at 10.00 am., except on Mondays,  the mass times in the church will return to its pre-covid time of 9.15am from Monday 27 May 2004

Usual schedule for Sacred Hearts church from that date will be:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays will be at 9.15am. Mass on Thursdays will be at 6pm

Adorations of the Blessed Sacrament

will take place from 8.30am when there is a mass at 9.15am

and on First Fridays when the time will be extended after mass from 9:45am until 11.30am

Confessions will continue to be available on Fridays and Saturdays before mass

between the times of 8:35am until 9.05am

Please check the parish newsletter regularly as changes to the schedule for masses, adoration and confessions may occur, due to pastoral need or none availability of clergy

Guidance on attending mass at Sacred Hearts –  May 2024

While appreciating that any number of reasons can cause someone to be late, we do ask all attending weekend and weekday masses to make every effort to be on time. Arriving unnecessarily late for mass is not only a distraction for the priest and congregation, but it dishonours the attention and participation that is due to the celebration of mass.

Attending Mass

Please remember there are vulnerable people in our community and would like their personal space respected.

It is recommended that you sanitise your hands as you enter and leave the building. The wearing of face masks is encouraged, if you are coughing or sneezing or experiencing any symptoms.

Please remember COVID symptoms can include

  • feeling tired or exhausted.

  • an aching body.

  • a headache.

  • a sore throat.

  • a blocked or runny nose.

  • loss of appetite.

  • feeling sick or being sick.

If you have any of the above symptoms, please consider whether you should be coming into the church, putting more vulnerable people at risk. Please remember to use the hand sanitiser provided on entering and leaving the building

  • Holy Communion will continue to be given under ONE form and ministers will be encouraged to wear a face covering. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: will assist with the distribution of Holy Communion. 

  • Adults and children who wish to receive a blessing at Holy Communion time are reminded to give a clear indication of this by crossing their arms in front of their chest. All who come forward to receive Holy Communion are asked to consume the Host while facing the altar and before returning to their place.

  • PLEASE NOTE: that due to the reduced numbers of Extraordinary Minister we unfortunately will not be able to reintroducing Communion under both kinds. If you are interested in joining this ministry team then please arrange an interview with Fr Mark so that you can obtain a job description and the necessary DBS forms – on receipt of a clear DBS check you will be permitted to join the team. Thank you


Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 
Moorend Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL53 9AU

Nazareth House
London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham GL52 6YJ

St Gregory the Great
10 St James Square, Cheltenham, GL50 3PR

St Thomas More,
Princess Elizabeth Way, Cheltenham, GL51 7RA


CLICK on the respective name highlighted in BLUE for mass times and more information

CLICK on image above to go to the

DIRECTORY of health & well-being services & activities in CHARLTON KINGS



Dean:  Fr David Mills

St Gregory The GreatCheltenham
Sacred Hearts of Jesus and MaryCharlton Kings
St Thomas More, CheltenhamCheltenham [Administered jointly]
St Catharine’sChipping Campden
St Peter’sCirencester
St Thomas of CanterburyFairford
St Benet’sKemerton
Our Lady and St KenelmStow-on-the-Wold
St Joseph’sTewkesbury [Administered jointly with Priest in residence]
St NicholasWinchcombe [Administered jointly]