Welcome to the parish of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is a thriving parish community in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. We look forward to meeting and celebrating the word of the Lord with you at Mass or at one of our many parish events.

Here at Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Charlton Kings we strive to be a family-friendly community, where sincere affection, patience, tolerance and mutual respect be freely given to all.

 Streamed masses during the week

You can watch mass live at the scheduled times throughout the week, by clicking on the appropriate screen.

The mass recording will then be available throughout the week – click on the down arrow to see which recordings are available for that mass time.

8:15am Sundays & Holy days

10:30am Sundays

10am [Weekday]

Next mass Sat 15th Jan


6pm Mass

Next mass Wed 19th Jan

5:30pm Vigil [Saturdays]

Up coming Requiem masses

If you are attending a requiem mass please remember masks are required to be worn and it is recommended that you take a lateral flow tests in advance in accordance with current government guidelines.

Parish Giving

Rather than using the collection plate, you can now make your donation to Sacred Hearts parish online by clicking on the ‘Dona’ logo below.


It will accept all Debit and Credit cards.

Contributions supporting the work of the Parish are always kindly received.

Thank you for your on-going support


1. click HERE and download a standing order form and post it back to the parish signed and completed or

2. Envelopes can be put through the presbytery door


The windows will be open in the church to increase the ventilation and air flow in the building; in this case, because of climatic conditions, please ensure you wrap up well when in church!
The wearing of face covering is now mandatory in all places of worship unless you have an exemption and are wearing a badge
You are required to wear your facemarks while singing within the church at all Christmas service celebrations

Track, Trace and Test information - supporting the NHS

15 + 4 =

Click on the main image to go to Clifton Diocese synod website page

The entire Catholic Church is called to participate in the upcoming Synod of Bishops in 2023 and POPE FRANCIS wants YOUR input.

If you are interested in finding out more about taking part during January and February 2022 please email the parish on Cheltenham.sacredhearts@clifrondiocese.com or phone/text Margaret on 07855 611217 or 07973 195655,

Thank you to everybody who attended the discussion sessions.

Could I ask that those who have taken forms or downloaded forms from the website, complete and return your written comments before 28th January so that the facilitators can collate all the responses and submit the parish response at February’s area meeting


Parish life

Readings for Today

Find the reading and prayers for the day for reflection


Being loved and being kept safe go to the very core of the Church’s Ministry

Parish Hall

A large hall with a stage, lounge/bar, committee room and kitchen

Clifton Youth Ministry

Opportunities to further Your involvement in the Catholic Church

Our Film Society

Charlton Kings Film Society is delighted to introduce its 4th season.

Squash and Racket Ball Club

the valuable benefits of membership, which is open to the public.


 Access to the hall premises continues to be restricted to ONLY ONE group in the morning, in the afternoon and or the evening.

All external users, in compliance with the Diocesan Insurers guidelines, will be required to provide a covid risk assessment, highlighting their responsibility and the measures they are putting in place to keep their group safe. If they are using the kitchen facilities they will be required to include their action plan for serving refreshments etc. They will also need to provide public liability insurance for their event in compliance with our Diocesan Insurers

To contact Gill Cogram, Linda Portwain or Fr Mark please ring 01242 524932 and leave a message on the answerphone or alternatively CLICK HERE to send an email. 

Parish Office

The parish office is usually open between 9.30am until 12.30pm on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays ONLY

Sacred Hearts parish is always welcoming new people and encouraging them to get involved in one of the many ministries within the parish – as a community we are called to accept the invitation to come to faith in Jesus, to love and serve one another

Please download the parish census form, complete it and return it to the parish office.

New to the parish (Form)

Information provided on this form, together with all other personal data held by the Parish and the Clifton Diocese, is processed in accordance with the Diocese’s Privacy Notice; which is available at https://cliftondiocese.com/privacy-notice

or from the Parish Office.

Maintaining things as they are does not transform and change people’s lives – getting involved in parish life will help to do that!

Going into hospital

It is important that on admission to hospital, a patient (or his/her carers) inform the admission staff that they are Catholic. The hospital will not ask for this information, it is up to the patient to make it known and to make sure that a note is made.

If you know you are going into hospital, please ensure that you are anointed before you go in, as visits to hospitals have been severely restricted.

ALL emergency requests must go through the Chaplaincy office or the switchboard at the hospital ring 03004 222 222 and please remember to ask for the on-call Catholic Chaplain.

PLEASE NOTE: Visits relating to the distribution of Holy Communion at the weekend, are still not possible within the hospital.

If you need a priest, other than for the hospital, and you can’t contact the parish priest at Sacred Hearts please contact the Cheltenham Dean at St Gregory the Great, 10 St James Square, Cheltenham, GL50 3PR, on 01242 523737

Guidance on attending mass at Sacred Hearts

Attending Mass: Wearing a face covering is COMPULSORY/MANDATORY unless exempt from doing so, and please remember to use the hand sanitiser provided on entering and leaving the building

While appreciating that any number of reasons can cause someone to be late, we do ask all attending weekend and weekday masses to make every effort to be on time. Arriving unnecessarily late for mass is not only a distraction for the priest and congregation, but it dishonours the attention and participation that is due to the celebration of mass. Adults and children who wish to receive a blessing at Holy Communion time are reminded to give a clear indication of this by crossing their arms in front of their chest. All who come forward to receive Holy Communion are asked to consume the Host while facing the altar and before returning to their place. Mass will continue to be live streamed. This continues to be available on the home page of the parish website.

  • Areas at the front are now available for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues. 

  • It is recommended that you sanitise your hands as you enter and leave the building. The wearing of face masks is mandatory and parishioners should endeavour to space out, wherever possible, from those with whom they are not in a bubble or household.

  • Track, Trace and Test information – supporting the NHS, is still requested each and every time you enter the church

  • People should continue to exercise good responsible behaviour while they are seated and especially when moving around the church, lighting candles, coming forward to receive Holy Communion, exiting the building etc. You should avoid getting too close to each other.

  • Holy water will not be placed in the church but continues to be available on request from the sacristy, when you bring a small bottle or container

  • Holy Communion will continue to be given under ONE form and parishioners should exercise good responsible behaviour especially when moving to receive Holy Communion during Mass and should avoid getting too close to each other.

  • The sacrament of confession will continue to take place in the William Lampley Room.

Ministers of Holy Communion: will assist with the distribution of Holy Communion.

HYMN BOOKS are back in use for the Vigil and 10.30am masses for Sunday. Four hymns and the mass settings will be used and you are requested to return your hymn book to the table as you are leaving the church. Please do not put them back on the shelves

Face coverings must be worn by members of the congregation whilst singing together, until infection levels reduce. 

ALTAR SERVERS: Currently there is a maximum limit of 5 servers allowed on the sanctuary at any of the masses. A rota for altar serving will be drawn up if numbers regularly exceed this limit.



Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 
Moorend Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL53 9AU

Nazareth House
London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham GL52 6YJ

Please visit their website for further updates

PLEASE NOTE: Nazareth House’s chapel remains closed to ALL visitors.

St Gregory the Great, 
10 St James Square, Cheltenham, GL50 3PR

St Thomas More,
Princess Elizabeth Way, Cheltenham, GL51 7RA

For mass times at the other churches in Cheltenham please visit their website: St Gregory the Great or St Thomas More

Redemptorist Publications is pleased to introduce Celebrate: an initiative designed to help children grow in their faith.

Each week they will provide a Children’s Liturgy in the form of a video of the week’s Gospel reading, a reflection and a final prayer.

Fun, engaging and practical worksheets/resources will also be provided to help children continue to practise their faith during this difficult time. Please click on their image to go to their webpage. Thank you 

Your #OnlineSafetyAtHome pack is now available for you to download, containing new activities for parents and carers to use at home! Access them by clicking the image above:

You can also access the new guidance for parents and carers designed to help them manage some of the key challenges they are telling us about in our survey.