Deanery Confirmation Programme 2019

Meetings to take place at Sacred Hearts church in the William Lampley Room

On Wednesday evening 7pm until 8.30pm

Date Activity Topics
27-Mar-19   Initial Meeting/ getting to know
3-Apr-19 Session 1 Getting Started
10-Apr-19 Session 2 What we can know about God
1-May-19 Session 3 Why the World is Broken
8-May-19 Session 4 Jesus – More than a Mere Man
15-May-19 Session 5 Why did Jesus have to die?
19-May-19 Mass of Enrolment 5.30 pm Saturday
22-May-19 Session 6 The Comeback of Jesus
5-Jun-19 Session 7 In search of the Holy Spirit
8-Jun-19 Parish Fete Saturday 12 noon – 3 pm
12-Jun-19 Session 8 Prayer – Staying in Touch with God
19-Jun-19   Social evening/ barbecue
26-Jun-19 Session 9 The Church – home for you and me
4-Jul-19 Session 10 Eucharist – the Generosity of God
11-Jul-19   Intro to the Theology of the Body
4-Sept-19 Session 11 Update!  Confession!
11-Sept-19   Sacrament of Reconciliation
18-Sept-19   Contemplative Prayer
25-Sept-19 Session 12 Confirmation Mass & Rehearsal
03-Oct-19   Confirmation Mass