The Sacrament of Confirmation seals us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It is understood to be a Sacrament of initiation; that is we are not fully initiated into the life of the Church until we have received it.

It is now common for the Sacrament to be conferred on Catholics at about the age of fourteen or fifteen but it is also conferred on adults who are being baptised or received into the Catholic Church. Here at Sacred Hearts there a bi-annual course open to any teenager in school-year 9 or above and who is resident within the parishes of Cheltenham. The next course will commence in January 2019.

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be conferred by Bishop Declan.  If any young person (Baptised Catholic) in year 9 or above would like to receive Confirmation, then please will they themselves write to Fr. Mark to request to receive this Sacrament and to join the programme.

Application Form for the 2019 course will be available from October 2018 and needs to be completed and returned with the letter.


There is a Deanery/Town course run every alternative year

The course is run at St Gregory the Great in Cheltenham. This course is open all the parishes within the deanery: it commences in February 2018 . This course is open to any teenager in school-year 9 or above. The course is run on Sunday mornings and consists of 6 x 3 hour sessions
Application forms are available from St Gregory’s parish office. Please return completed forms to the St Gregory’s parish office marked for the attention of Father David Mills.

Do not hesitate to contact Fr David Mills,  on 01242 923737, if you have any queries.