Journey in Faith (RCIA)



  • A group for people who want to know more about our Catholic faith
  • Fr Paul Brandon
  • 01242 524932
Description of role/activity
  • A person who feels comfortable sharing their faith and can give explanation about different aspects of the Catholic Church
  • A person who feels they can support someone who is making inquiries about the Catholic faith and help to welcome them
  • The group is attended by parishioners who are happy to discuss and share their Catholic faith, and by people who are seeking to know more about Christianity and the Catholic Church
Support provided
  • Experienced parishioners lead the sessions
  • We use the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and some relevant books are available to read
Time required
  • The group meets weekly during the period September to May
  • As a helper on the course attendance at every meeting is not a requirement but the more sessions that can be attended the greater involvement in the group