Baptism Preparation


Baptismal Font


Session Leader on Baptism Preparation Course


Ruth FitzJohn

01242 520719

Description of activity

Families are prepared for the Baptism of their child by attending a short course of 2 sessions. As a course leader you would:

  • Arrange the course

  • Greet the parents

  • Introduce the session aims

  • Act as discussion leader in exploring the Sacrament, its meaning and its consequences

Support provided

  • All materials for the sessions are documented and provided

  • New leaders would be supported by an experienced leader until they felt comfortable taking a session by themselves

  • We occasionally sit in on each others’ courses to ensure consistency and support

Time required

  • The course lasts for 2 sessions and each session is for 75-90 minutes.

  • Courses are run as required: typically once a month.