The Catenian Association is an association of Catholic men who endeavour to observe the doctrines of the Church as defined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to remain faithfully within its authority.

Its motto is ‘Strengthening family life through friendship and faith’.

The Cheltenham Circle is one of many both in the UK and abroad.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month in Cheltenham.  About 15-20 members attend the meetings, many of whom stay for dinner afterwards.

At least twice a year we hold a Ladies’ night. The Circle is open to all practising Catholic men, but it is significant that many of the activities are actively supported by the Ladies.

The annual Christmas dinner takes place in December. During the rest of the year we have a varied programme of events for members, ladies and friends, both social (pub lunches, bowls and croquet matches) and more serious (the Day Retreat, and Masses for deceased members).

We also try to keep in touch with our neighbouring Circles, visiting their meetings and social events.

The association has an annual AGM, with annual subscriptions and an elected committee.

Local Contacts:
Ian King (President)    Tel:  01452 760208
Jim Stevenson (Membership Officer)    Tel: 01242 518721
Nick Dolan (Secretary)    Tel: 01242 517815

Contact the Catenian Association:


Telephone: 024 7622 4533